Pack of 50 One Step Pregnancy Test Strips, 10mIU

One Step Pregnancy Tests 10mIU/ml are one of the the most sensitive Pregnancy Tests available on the market, and can detect a pregnancy seven days after conception, so you can test before your period is due. Most shop tests are 25 mIU/ml so you are getting a much higher sensitivity for the fraction of the price
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Pack of 50 One Step Pregnancy Test Strips, 10mIU

One Step Pregnancy Test Strip Details (High 10mIU Sensitivity)

How does the test work ?

A Pregnancy Test detects the presence of HCG (Human Chorlonic Gonadotrophin) in your urine.  HCG is produced shortly after the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining. Day by day the amount of HCG in the body will increase, as the pregnancy progresses.

How do I use the test ?

We recommend that you test first thing in the morning, and that you do not drink lots of fluid beforehand as this couldl dilute the urine sample, and make the HCG more difficult to detect. 

Collect a sample of urine in a clean dry container.
Dip the test into your urine sample for 10 seconds.
Lay the test flat,  and wait for the coloured bands to appear on the test strip. 

Negative or Positive ?

A positive result can normally be observed within 40 seconds, and the final result in under 5 minutes. Full instructions on how to use the tests will be sent with every order.


Other information

If the second line is fainter than the control line, this is still indicating a positive result. If you are testing early, the second line will darken over time, as the HCG builds up in the body. 

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