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Top Tips for Trying to Conceive

Some things are obvious, but sometimes just the smallest thing can make a difference. Your body tries to tell you that you are ovulating - but you just don't notice it. 

Your body often releases a sticky stretchy type substance that can only be described as Egg Whites. This substance helps the sperm to swim up into the womb.

Just before Ovulation your body temperature will rise slightly. This can be charted using our BBT Digital Thermometers, should you wish to. 

You should also keep a record of each monthly cycle, so you know roughly when you are about to ovulate. Did you know that a woman ovulates 14 Days BEFORE her period is due ?  You may experience slight cramps when you are ovulating, so look out for this too.

Our ovulation test strips are perfect for keeping an eye on when you are ovulating and really do not cost much at all - probably less that the sanitary protection you would need to buy for your period. Now there's a thought........

Finally for our top tip for ttc. Give nature a hand when you are trying for a baby. Make sure that you are lying on your back, with your legs raised if at all possible. After intercourse keep both legs raised high (against the wall maybe). All terribly unlady like, but seems to help no end. It is logical really that the sperm is desperately trying to reach your womb, so do not let everything go in the wrong direction.

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Am I pregnant
Signs of early pregnancy...........                        .

Some people can realise they are pregnant days before a positive pregnancy test result is observed. For the rest of us, there is that agonising am I/aren't I waiting game. The problem is that signs of pregnancy, can often be confused with the symptons of PMT.  The top ten symptons would be

1. A positive pregnancy test
2. Being late for your period
3. Feeling very tired all the time
4. Need to urinate more frequently
5. Sore or tender breasts
6. Bloated tummy/clothes suddenly tight around the waist of tummy
7. Feeling sick
8. Having a strange, sometimes metallic taste in your mouth
9. Feeling over emotional/crying for no reason
10. More vaginal discharge than usual (without soreness or irritation

You may also notice that you are constipated, or do not feel like tobacco or alcohol products any more

Sometimes you may take a pregnancy test and find that it is negative. The best time to test is first thing in the morning. Do not drink too much water beforehand for the best results. If in doubt retest a few days later, and always confirm things with your doctor to be sure. 

Any finally, should you find that you are pregnant you should make sure that you are taking the correct dosage of Folic Acid for your baby's development. Your doctor or chemist can also confirm this for you.