Babystart Male Fertility (Infertility) Test - Single Pack

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Babystart Male Fertility (Infertility) Test - Single Pack

Babystart Male Fertility Test - Single Pack

Why do I need this test ?

The Male must produce a sufficient number of normal, actively moving sperm in order to achieve conception. According to the World Health Organisation a man needs 15 million sperm per mL to be considered fertile.  The Babystart Home Test is a unique home test that will  identify whether a mans sperm concentration is greater or less than 15 million per mL. A positive result is going to be good news, although this is not proof of fertility.

There are many reasons why a man may be infertile (that is unable to father a child). One important reason is a low count of sperm in the semen. Other reasons could be inactive or incompletely formed sperm cells, high levels of other cells in the semen that interfere with fertilization, or other factors. Medical or physical conditions, including stress or high fever experienced within two months prior to testing. Exercise, travelling and changes in diet can all have an effect. Your  doctor can explain all of this to you.

 A negative result is not all bad news, because it saves you months of trying for a baby. If the results do prove to be negative it is recommended that you see your doctor for professional help and advice. This test can help to identify the potential of male fertility in the privacy of your home.

How does the test work ?

The Babystart™ Home Diagnostic Screening Test Kit is a rapid test of sperm concentration in semen. It will measure sperm either as being above or below the recognised cut-off level of 15 million sperm cells per milliLitre (ml), as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Two test results of less than 15 million per ml are an indicator of male infertility. The test kit works by staining the sperm cells in the semen sample to produce a blue colour.

How long should ejaculation be avoided before performing the test ? 

The man MUST abstain from ejaculation for at least three days, but no longer than seven days before performing the test. Please read all the instructions thoroughly before doing each test.  Colour blindness and improper lighting may effect the interpretation of the test results. 

This kit is intended for one user only. Do not use after the expiry date on the box. 

Full and simple instructions will be enclosed. You will receive one test.  We also sell two tests for just £19.99 !!

Will my order be private ?

Yes of course. We understand the nature of your purchase, and want you to be happy. Please be assured that all orders will be packaged discretely. The packaging will be marked as "Private and Confidential",  and there will be no logos or branding on the parcel.

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