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Pre-Seed Vaginal Lubricant Multiuse (9 + Applications)

Pre-Seed Vaginal Lubricant Multiuse (9 + Applications)

Why do I need PRE-SEED rather than other vaginal lubricants?
Pre-Seed is sperm friendly which means that sperm can move freely in your vagina. The picture below shows sperm swimming freely between semen and Pre-Seed which is exactly what you need when trying to conceive.


Many popular lubricants can create a barrier that interferes with sperm as shown in the picture below - you can see that no sperm have been able to enter the lubricant.


Even worse many popular lubricants are actually hostile to sperm and should not be used when trying to conceive. 

Vaginal dryness is a big problem

Many women experience vaginal dryness at some time and may use vaginal lubricants. This is especially true for couples trying to conceive since the stress associated with suspected infertility, or intercourse on demand when using fertility indicators, only makes matters worse. Recent estimates suggest that at least 75% of couples trying to conceive suffer from vaginal dryness.
Natural vaginal moisture plays an important role in fertility by providing the right environment for sperm. Vaginal dryness can reduce fertility, lead to painful intercourse, lead to infection, which will further reduce fertility, thus creating a negative spiral.
Many women rightly look to vaginal lubricants to deal with the problem but what neither they, nor their doctors often realise is that many vaginal lubricants are hostile to sperm !

Pre-Seed is the Right Solution for Vaginal Dryness
Even While Trying to Conceive

Pre-Seed is the first "sperm-friendly" vaginal lubricant that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Pre-Seed's moisture is delivered in a fluid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen, so as not to harm sperm, and to be mild to a woman's body.

Pre-Seed contains a naturally occurring bioactive plant sugar (arabinogalactan) which provides antioxidant support to cells. Antioxidant levels can be severely decreased in semen from men with fertility problems. Pre-Seed comes in convenient single use vaginal applicators to coat the vagina and external cervix to replenish nature's moisture without harming sperm even while trying to conceive.

Product Testing - Pre-Seed is carefully screened to assure a sperm-friendly environment before it is released for sale.

We only recommend Pre-Seed for vaginal dryness

Pre-Seed provides moisture without harming sperm. For use even while trying to conceive – a time of increased vaginal dryness when other products should be avoided due to their damaging effects on sperm.

Pre-Seed - the right solution for vaginal dryness.
  • Single use applicator coats the vagina to mimic body secretions
  • pH balanced to semen for an optimal sperm environment
  • Uniquely contains arabinogalactan, a bioactive plant polysaccharide to provide antioxidant support for sperm

Pre-Seed Product Information

Each box of Pre-Seed contains 9 pre-filled applicators designed for vaginal application prior to intercourse. Placing the Pre-Seed deep within the vagina allows for the "sperm-friendly" intimate moisture to coat the vagina and external cervix, providing moisture where it is most needed. Based on personal experience with Pre-Seed, we recommend application of Pre-Seed around 15 minutes prior to when you begin love making. It works well to apply Pre-Seed while sitting on the toilet or squatting. After depositing the tube contents as directed, excess Pre-Seed can be wiped off the vulva, and spontaneous enjoyment of trying to conceive can begin!  Please DO NOT re-use opened tubes!  You risk getting an infection and defeats the purpose of the product. 


Which Products Damage Sperm?
We do not recommend the use of Replens, FemGlide, Very Private, KY Jelly, Summers Eve, KY Liquid, Astroglide, Moist Again or Klickproducts. The reasons are given in the Table below.
We also do not recommend the following common 'home' remedies for vaginal dryness - egg white, saliva, tap water, mineral oil or baby oil. The reasons are given in the Table below.
The optimum pH value for sperm migration and survival in the cervical mucus is between 7.0 and 8.5 (according to the World Health Organization manual for examination of human semen and sperm-cervical mucus interaction 4th edition 2000). Sperm are very sensitive to low (acidic) pH and, to a lesser extent, elevated (alkaline) pH. Below pH levels of 6.9, sperm die at a rate that increases with lowering pH.

Sperm are also sensitive to both high and low osmolarities (ion concentration in solution) because these can cause them to either shrink or swell beyond their "critical volume limits". A physiologic osmolarity around 360 mOsm/kg (that of semen) is best for sperm function.
Product pH Osmolarity (mOsm/kg)
Too low Physiologic for sperm 7.0 - 8.5 Too high Too low Physiologic for sperm 270 - 380 Too high
Replens 2.79 >1000
FemGlide 7.22 162
Very Private 6.13 >1000
KY Jelly 4.52 >1000
Summer's Eve 4.4 >1000
KY Liquid 3.82 >1000
Astroglide 3.45 >1000
Moist Again 5.29 187
Klick 6.1 2          880
Pre-Seed 7.3         314
Egg White 8.95 238
Saliva 7.08 151
Tap Water 8.01 <100
Mineral Oil  10.50  >1000
Baby Oil  7.16  >1000

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