When you’re desperate for a child…

You met Mr Right – Check

Bought a Place – Check

Got Married – Check

Or maybe none of these apply and you just a have that growing urge for a baby and for the pitter patter of tiny feet. The sound eludes you, and the empty feeling inside you that eats away at you grows by the day. You’re fed up with well meaning friends and relatives asking you when you might have a baby, and frankly it’s killing you. Why aren’t “We” or “You” for that matter falling pregnant ?

Here are a few facts that may put your mind at rest. If you were on the contraceptive pill, and stopped taking them to try for a baby, it’s going to take a few months to come out of your system. Hormones take a while to settle back down, and your cycles may be slightly irregular.

Relax and try not to put yourself or your partner under pressure to perform. It can make the whole situation very stressful. Having said that if you can manage to try every day it certainly does help things along. I was advised that every other day was better, but when I didn’t fall pregnant I dismissed this method and doubled up our efforts – it worked.

If you have been trying unsuccessfully for two years you can see your doctor and ask to be referred to the hospital for fertility checks. It may be less or more time, as my husband and I were referred in 2003, and things may have changed since then.

My main advice is to never give up your dream. Keep trying as many things as you can, so that you can hold your much wanted baby in your arms.

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