BBT Four Digit Thermometer - Fahrenheit

Great for Charting, or for taking your temperature. Suitable for all ages, as reading can be taken from various places (eg:under the arm).
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BBT Four Digit Thermometer - Fahrenheit

Genuine Four Digit Basal Thermometer
You will also receive a Free  Temperature Guide and Basal Chart by e-mail. You may print off the Basal Chart as many times as you wish to chart your monthly cycle.
Precise Ovulation Detector

This thermometer is perfect for charting your monthly cycle, and can be used in conjunction with the ovulation and pregnancy tests we also sell.

Thermometer Specifications

Measures to two
 decimal places - perfect for Basal Readings 

Battery included

Mercury Free

Last Reading Memory Function

Easy to ready Liquid Crystal Display

Functions Tone sounds when final temperature is reached

Please note that the thermometer reads in Fahrenheit Only.  If you wish to buy a thermometer which reads in Celcius, please look at our other thermometer on sale for the same price.

When will I receive my Chart and Guide ?

We will e-mail you the information on when and how to take your temperature.  You will also receive a free Basal Chart, which you may print off as many times as you wish. 

The e-mail will be sent to you within one working day, so that you will have everything you need to start charting your cycles straight away. If you have not received your email within one working day, please check your spam filter first. If the e-mail is not there, then please e-mail us at, and we will resend the e-mail to you again.

Please note that the e-mail will automatically be sent to you payment e-mail address, unless you inform us that you would like the information to be sent to an alternative e-mail address.



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