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Clearblue ProductsClearblue Products
Welcome to our Clearblue product page. Please click here to view our full range of Clearblue Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests, **NEW** Clearblue Advance Monitors and Test Sticks
Pregnancy & Ovulation Combination PacksPregnancy & Ovulation Combination Packs
Click here to buy professional Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests. All combinations and sensitivities available. Prices start from just £1.89 - Great Value !
BBT Digital ThermometersBBT Digital Thermometers
Four Digit Thermometers. Perfect for Charting and Trying to Conceive. Now available in Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
One Step Ovulation Test - Choose from 20mIU or 30mIUOne Step Ovulation Test - Choose from 20mIU or 30mIU
One Step Ovulation Tests are the Brand you can trust. Highly successful in achieving a pregnancy quickly.
Fertility Friendly Lubricants - Quality, branded names you can trust.Fertility Friendly Lubricants - Quality, branded names you can trust.
Click here to buy Conceive Plus, Pre-seed and our latest product "Yes Baby". 5 Free Ovulation Tests included with all purchases of Yes Baby !!
Male and Female Fertility TestsMale and Female Fertility Tests
See how fertile you are with these easy to use tests. Put your mind at rest without waiting for an appointment/results. New low price of just £17.99 for the Male and £4.99 for the Female !
Pregnancy MidstreamsPregnancy Midstreams
Choose from Clearblue, First Response, or One Step Midstreams. Fast Results in the Privacy of you home
One Step Pregnancy Test Strips, 10mIUOne Step Pregnancy Test Strips, 10mIU
Highest Sensitivity Pregnancy Test Strips, 10mIU !! One Step HCG Tests are great value, and highly accurate too. Choose from 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 Tests. Click here to buy.
Ovulation MidstreamsOvulation Midstreams
Pinpoint Ovulation easily in the privacy of your own home or even at work. Do not miss the right time.
Home Tests and RemediesHome Tests and Remedies
Click here to buy Balance Activ (soothes Vaginal Irritation), Cholesterol, Chlamydia and Cystitis Tests. Next day delivery by 1st Class Post.